I’m a parent… now what? Valuable Parenting Advice for Three Stages of Child Development


Seeking out housing assistance is just one of life’s stressors for you, a parent. You’re also dealing with your child’s developmental needs, wants, and challenges. Your parenting strategies will follow a similar developmental path as you try to keep up with your child’s growth. In early childhood, you’ll be focused on establishing household rules and behavioral expectations. As your kids enter elementary school, your parenting strategy will shift towards promoting healthy habits and teaching them how to care for themselves. When your child finally reaches adolescence, you’ll have a whole new set of challenges to deal with.

Don’t worry—you got this! Here are some resources from Compass to help your kids thrive through every age and stage.

Early Childhood

As your children become walking, talking little humans, their world begins to expand rapidly, which makes affordable and safe housing even more important. During this stage, try to encourage their curiosity and independence as they interact with the world around them.

  • Encourage your kids to
    participate in social situations but avoid shaming them for feeling
  • Speak to your kids using adult words to
    help them develop good language skills.
  • Give your child a
    limited number of choices and empower
    them to make decisions on their own.
  • Be clear and consistent
    when disciplining your child.

Middle Childhood

Your child will face a number of emotional and social challenges as they grow into their middle childhood years. Help them navigate this period with positive parenting.

  • Show affection and unconditional love
    for your child regardless of their accomplishments.
  • Get involved with your
    child’s school and learn how you can support your child’s learning at home.
  • Parenting Science suggests focusing on praising
    your child
    for their actions rather than
    for the traits they can’t change.
  • Introduce your
    children to healthy behaviors
    like exercising, eating nutritious meals, and limiting screen time.


The teenage years are famously tough for parents. Your kids are developing a stronger sense of self and figuring out how they fit into the world around them. Here are some ways to provide guidance while respecting their point of view.

  • Model the work ethic
    you want to see in your child by going back to school or
    pursuing a better job.
  • Moms.com says to be
    honest and open about sensitive topics
    like sex, drugs, and drinking.
  • Respect your teen’s
    opinions and listen to them without
    downplaying their concerns.

Your job as a parent is constantly evolving. You’ve already dealt with finding affordable housing for you and your kids. As with navigating the resources available to you to secure living quarters, being a great parent is all about being flexible, adaptable, and mindful of your kids’ ever-changing needs. As your little ones work their way through their developmental years, don’t be afraid to adjust your parenting strategies to keep up!

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