Kids + COVID= ?

Covid has proven to be a very difficult time for our society.  Its been really hard on adults, and even harder on our children.  Suddenly kids aren’t allowed to freely play, go to school, or to be with their friends.  Our kids are now looking to us to lead them, to teach them, to keep them well.   The stress, confusion, and emotions are fierce.  So here are some tips that will hopefully help your children during this trying time

Keep a daily routine.  Even if your child is NOT physically going to school, help them keep a schedule as if they are.  Children and teens do their best if there are plans for each day.  Set Regular Bedtimes and Wake-Ups

Establish a School Day Educational Schedule
Incorporate daily activities with school lessons: IE have your kids make their own healthy lunch. Where does the food come from? For example, how is bread made from farm to bakery?  Math and science can be also incorporated into cooking and meal prep. 

Exercise and Social Contact
Exercise is especially important for kids during the COVID-19 pandemic because it can reduce stress, prevent weight gain, and boost the immune system. Make certain that a good portion of leisure time activity is active, both mentally and physically.

Activity ideas:

• Have a dance party! Let the kids be the DJ and take turns showing off your best dance moves.

• Go on a color hunt! Hide colorful objects around the house and have kids bring back the color you name. They can run, jump, swim, skip, crawl or dance to the color.

• Nerf basketball, indoor obstacle courses, paper plate badminton (use paper plates to bat at balloons).

• Martial arts — karate, judo (also works outside)

• Instant recess to break up sitting time —everyone gets up and does jumping jacks or marching or something silly for a few minutes several times a day.

Reducing Anxiety in the Face of Real-Life Concerns
It’s best for parents to provide rational explanations about COVID-19 and help maintain an appropriate calm, experts say. To help manage anxiety in children of all ages, make certain to provide accurate information from reliable sources. When kids see or hear things on the news, they may make assumptions and consequently, they get scared. 

Lead by example!
Kids are smarter than we think, and they pick up on social cues. Set an example for your kids and neighborhood children.  Be a brave, strong, mindful citizen.  

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Franklin Roosevelt

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