Life can be difficult to navigate,
let us help you!

We aim to provide you with
the tools you need to succeed.

Let us provide you with a Compass

The Capability and Opportunities to Manage your life. Providing you Access to the Services you need to Succeed.

Compass for Affordable Housing is an inclusive organization providing support to those of low income residing in affordable housing.  Our mission is to share educational information with a wide-spread, diverse group of individuals who may lack access to pertinent information in order to aid in their ability to achieve success.  Compass is the connection between  individuals and pertinent social information.  Compass provides a direction; to share, to raise awareness and empower. 

Compass provides a wide range of services to residents of affordable housing throughout CA. Our service programs include:

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Compass is a 501C3 nonprofit organization and relies on donations and volunteers to provide services and empower those who live in affordable housing.

Contribute today to change someone’s tomorrow!

“The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away” – Pablo Picasso
Everyone has a gift to share, please share it with us.  Fill out the contact information below if you are interested in helping Compass to give direction.

We can do what we do, and help who we help because of people like you